Swain Joins Synergy Sales and Marketing

Peter Swain has joined Synergy Sales and Marketing as Sales Outsourcing Business Solutions Consultant.

Mr. Swain brings many years of construction management and construction systems experience to his new role.

His background made him a perfect fit for Synergy’s new client, Pantera Global Technology, where he will serve both as Account Manager for Synergy’s relationship with Pantera and as our resident product guru for Pantera Tools.

Swain and his wife live in the Phoenix area.

Marchello Joins Synergy Sales and Marketing

Robert Marchello has joined Synergy Sales and Marketing as a Sales Outsourcing Business Solutions Consultant.

Mr. Marchello brings many years of experience consulting with small to mid-sized business in developing an effective web presence.

His expertise in both design and development, combined with his superb consultative skills, enable him to guide both sophisticated and novice business owners to the right solutions.

Mr. Marchello and his fiance live in Chandler, Arizona, but his heart remains in the Windy City with his beloved Bears, Cubs, Blackhawks and Bulls.

Heroes and Heroines Over Heroin

Recently I made a contribution to Dave Cooke and his 100Pedals project.  I have been connected to Dave for awhile and have witnessed an incredible transition in his life over the past few years.

Several years ago, Dave found out his youngest son was homeless, dealing with a heroin addiction, and in trouble with the law.

Like most parents Dave dropped everything and committed all he had to “save” his son. Similar to most parents in that situation, Dave rapidly learned the hard lessons about addiction – you cannot save someone who does not want to be saved.

Here is where the story gets really good. Dave realized how much his life had spiraled out of control chasing after his son. His business, his health, and his relationships suffered.

Once he realized how much he has lost control of his life, he made a commitment to get it back. His commitment was to ride his bicycle for one hundred consecutive days, in an effort to do something positive for him every single day.

Dave called this experience 100Pedals. His 100Day Challenge was the beginning of an incredible and powerful transformation. Today, Dave is using the lessons of his experiences to help other parents who are in the same place he once was. He has committed to this effort exclusively.

His biggest project this year, and the one I have supported him on, is what he calls his “2014 Drive N Bike.”

The Drive N Bike is a 50-day, 6600 mile, 15-state, 20-city tour where Dave travels across the country by car and shares his story with similar parents locally.

He also goes on bike rides in those cities and uses these rides as another vehicle (no pun intended) to reach out into the community.  By the time he returns from his trip, he will have presented to over 1,000 parents!

This project is completely self-funded by Dave, his fans and his friends.  He has raised over $4,000 of his $10,000 goal.

He hopes to hit that objective before he begins his journey on April 20.  To accomplish this, he is going to need some extra help!

I am writing to you to encourage you to support Dave and his project. This is a very important and worthy cause and I respect Dave’s passion and commitment towards it.

Please click on the link below to become a Hero or Heroine for this project. Thank you!

Giannini Joins Synergy Sales and Marketing

Steve Giannini has joined Synergy Sales and Marketing as Sales Outsourcing Business Solutions Consultant.

Mr. Giannini brings nearly two decades of sales and sales management leadership to the Synergy Team.  Giannini’s previous successes include work with Pulte Homes, WebMD, FAO Schwartz and numerous entrepreneurial ventures.

Steve’s primary responsibilities include recruiting, training, managing and motivating a team for sales professionals for Synergy client’s, as well as business development initiatives for the company.

Steve, his wife and daughter have lived in the Phoenix area since 2006.

Synergy Sales and Marketing provides results-based outsourced sales and marketing solutions for small and mid-size businesses.

Learn more at http://synergysm.com or call 888.748.4548 for a FREE, no obligation consultation.