Building Sales Teams For Dummies: Chapter 2 – Know Thy Customer (Know Thyself)

Have you ever heard the term in marketing, “Find Your Tribe”?

If you have, you may know where I am about to go with this but since there is a twist at the end, please just hang on for the ride.

If you don’t know what I mean then watching this Ted Talk from Seth Godin will be a great primer – THE TRIBES WE LEAD.SS_Scaling_Sales_Chart_copy

Did you watch it? If you didn’t please make the time to do so. This will make what I have to say shorter and sweeter. If you did watch it then you probably learned a few things …

1. That being average and pushing average information/content to the masses is not enough and will NOT empower your sales people and scale your sales,

2. That you need to be remarkable and tell a story to your select audience… a story that will resonate with them,

3. That you need to know inside and out who this select audience is so that you understand their pain and can speak to them as a brother or sister,

4. That your sales people must know how to tell this story and know where and how to find your tribe.

The challenge here is, how do you do accomplish this? Well, as many philosophers would tell you (religious, spiritual and empirical) the answer to your external problem or challenge is found within. This is an area we explore with all of our sales outsourcing clients.

So, as much as you thought this chapter was going to be about them (Know Thy Customer), it really starts with, and is about YOU, who you are and why you are.

Have you ever asked yourself:

Why does your company exist?
Why does your service exist?
Why does your product exist?
What is our story?

If you haven’t asked yourself any of these questions I have news for you, before you can do your homework on who “they” are, you need to first know why and who you are.

So, to accomplish this, my recommendation is that you find someone to help you. Whether it be a coach, a marketing pro, a spiritual leader or person you admire… find and get help.

Let’s face facts, even the very best have coaches, guides, mentors and personal inspirations:

LeBron James has a coach,
Picasso had an inspiration and guide,
Steve Jobs had his mentors,
The President of the United States has his cabinet.

My advice to you is … find yours!

After you have done this, discovered your why, your story, then finding your tribe will be incredibly easy.

In fact, I suspect you won’t have to look for your tribe at all as they will either find you or be standing right in front of you! And, when you do, they will know that you belong with them.

So please, find yourself, find your belonging and when you do they will come and your sales people will sell.


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